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"I'm not interested in how people move,

but what moves them."

- Pina Bausch

Develop your artistic skills and ignite the creative flow in an innovative movement environment.

Michelle crafts each training from her vast experience of Dance, Improvisation, Butoh, and Acting Methods. 


She creates a unique atmosphere for accessing a more authentic experience of movement and self-expression.


The trainings explore movement qualities, gestures, relationship to the space, breath, and presence. 

The aim of Muvetics Trainings is to enhance creativity, develop artistic skills, and optimize life both personally and professionally.

Muvetics Trainings are for anyone. 

No previous dance experience needed. 

Ficho Training, Muvetics

photo: Goran Bogdanovski

DSCF0228 - Version 2.jpg

photo: Andrew Bell

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