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Muvetics, Michelle Campbell, Victoria Krajina, "Said Unsaid", iMOS, Warsaw Dance Days

Said Unsaid, with Victoria Krajina (Warsaw, PL)

photo: Natalia Latoch


Everyone has a unique story.

In this workshop of creation & dramaturgy, we research the elements of biographical data in text, movement, and sound.

Improvisational movement scores are crafted and movement qualities are explored to open up the possibilities of self-expression and surprise.


Other compositional elements such as repetition, rhythm, time, and space are investigated to assist the formation of an autobiographical piece.

iMOS is a workshop Michelle developed after co-creating the piece, Said Unsaid, in 2013 with Victoria Krajina. Michelle was 6 months pregnant when it premiered at the Warsaw Dance Days Festival.

Open to creatives, performers, and all others who are inspired by life. To speak a language of movement. To share a lived experience. To create something of value.

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