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"It took me a while to arrive here. 


If I wasn’t teaching dance in a studio or joining a project to bring movement to others, then I was probably moving house again and learning a new language. Funny thing, I’m actually not that good at learning languages. Yet, I’ve learned over the past decade of cross-cultural living that I’m fluent in one particular language: Movement.


And movement is the mother tongue of us all. 


The roots of my journey as a dance and movement artist grew and strengthened inside the rich soil of the global community. My passion is to use my talent in authentic self-expression to inspire others to activate their inner creator - that original voice desperate to be known, heard and, most of all, understood. 


Movement is the language we all speak. As a mother of a young boy I’ve witnessed this since his birth... As a dance artist, it is how I choose to communicate to the world. Movement helps me to understand this world better. And here’s what I’ve learned: 


First, we need to learn to listen to our bodies. There is a vast network of connective tissue waiting to be felt and heard. I can help you with that. TRE® exercises will unlock tension, melt away stress, and increase your ability to feel and listen. 


Second, we need to be inspired in our own existing practice, whatever it is. Artists and innovators of all kinds benefit from body-based movement practices. Let me illuminate a path of curiosity for you. Muvetics dance trainings are a movement playground, inviting your inner child to come out and play. 


And finally, we might be lost or frustrated in our existing practice and at the point of giving up. We’ve spread ourselves too thin or feel overwhelmed by the choices before us. I can help you expand your creative capacity and return to being grounded. Movement makes you relaxed, energized, and inspired. Movement makes you connect. Movement makes community. Movement makes known. Movement makes."

Performer, teacher, choreographer. Michelle Campbell was born in Tampa, Florida and has lived in the USA, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Oxford, UK, and since 2019 is based near Frankfurt, Germany.

She completed her degree in Modern Dance Performance at the University of South Florida, studying under John Parks (Alvin Ailey, Jose Limon Co.), Lynne Wimmer (Jose Limon, Wimmer Wimmer and Dancers), Elsa Valbuena (Gaudere Danza), Gretchen Warren (Pennsylvania Ballet),

and others.

During summers in New York, she extensively studied with dance masters such as Mark Morris, Doug Varone, and the NYC Gaga crew. 

She has also participated in workshops and intensives with Elaine Summers (Kinetic Awareness), Claire Porter (Performance), David Dorfman from DDD, Katrina McPherson (Capturing Moving Images), Malcolm Manning (Feldenkrais), Rosemary Butcher (Composition), Kenji Tanaki from Pina Bausch, Wim Vandekeybus from Ultima Vez, Lily Kiara (Skinner Release), Macarena Ortuzar, and most recently completed the Dance Alchemy Teacher Training with Goran Bogdanovski from Ficho Institute.  

Michelle has performed in and created works with Moving Current Dance Collective (USA), Gaudere Danza (USA/Columbia), Tanzelarija (BiH), MESSDance (BiH), Cafe Reason Butoh Dance Theatre (UK), and Malcolm Atkins (UK). Most recently, Michelle collaborated with award winning artist, Carsten Saeger, in the Bundeskunsthalle (National Gallery) in Bonn, Germany. As part of Saeger's installation, Rehearsal for Lumumba, Michelle led workshops combining TRE® and movement response; experimenting with the body and collective memory. 

Her vast cultural experience, having lived in various different contexts and countries over the past 10+ years, adds a unique nuance to Michelle's depth and capacity as an observer of the world. This rich cultural asset is one of the great influencers of her self-expression as an artist. Her work has been described as being deeply empathetic and human. It evokes visceral manifestations of the sublime and a longing for more. She focuses her studio research on the topics: What makes us human? What does it mean to know and be known?

In 2016, after personally struggling for over one year to recover from a traumatic birth experience, Michelle began practicing TRE®. Even as a veteran dancer and movement artist, the recovery from a c-section and birth trauma was more than she expected. Within a few months Michelle was reconnected to her body. The pain, sadness, and physical effects of the trauma decreased. Having benefited from TRE® as a revolutionary bodywork, she went on to complete her certification as a TRE® Provider in 2018. She has experience facilitating TRE® from crisis recovery to incorporating it as an effective tool for the creative process.

In 2019, Michelle founded Muvetics, an innovative movement-based platform for creators, performers, and other generators of original ideas. The platform was built to help others in their journey of self-expression. 

To release stress, unlock creativity, and develop artistic skills for personal and professional growth.

Michelle shares the time on this earth with her beloved spouse, her 6 year old son, long walks in the forest, an extensive music collection, and the most recent endeavor, to learn the German language. 

Muvetics, Michelle Campbell, Muvetics, "Said Unsaid", "Warsaw Dance Days", Michelle Azdajic

Said Unsaid, Warsaw Dance Days (PL)

photo: Jaroslaw Cieślikowski

Sjecanje Kamena, Michelle Campbell, Michelle Azdajic, Muvetics, MESS Dance

Sjecanje Kamena (Beyond My Name), MESS Dance (BIH)

photo: Velija Hasanbegović

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 12.00.01

Still from the Film: World of Signs and Types (UK)

Image: Chris Atkins


Said Unsaid, Restaged with Moving Current Collective (USA)


Rehearsal for Lumumba, Carsten Saeger (DE)

Bundeskunsthalle (National Gallery), Bonn

Still from Helix Felix, Tanzelarija (BIH)

Muvetics Dance Improvisation training

Relaxed and safe atmosphere of a TRE® group

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